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The Tower

Date: August 2016
Concept: A VR archery game taking place in an ancient tower.
Team (5):
Aaron Humphries (3D Artist)
Ben Luff (Designer/Programmer/Audio)
Chris Winn (Designer)
Michael MacKinnon (Producer/Programmer)
Nelson de Costa (Programmer)

Platform: Windows with HTC Vive
Engine: Unity Engine 5.4

Role: Producer and Programmer (Gameplay/Audio)

Extra Notes:
The game makes use of 3m x 3m play area with no teleportation. A tower is used so that
the player can move vertically to encounter new areas to experience. This allows for the
elimination of teleportation and forces the player to fully immerse themselves into the
room-scale element of the game.

Networking: Team Tanks

Date: April 2016
Concept: two players operate a tank together
Team: Solo
Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity Engine

Role: Programmer

Extra Notes:
This was the final project for an Networking course.
The Assignment: create a networked game environment
What I developed: To add something extra, I decided to do a cross platform networked game.
A PC would act as server with two players: a player on the PC server and a player on
an iPhone using Google Cardboard.
Player 1 on the PC moved a tank around the environment and had a good clear view.
Player 2 on the iPhone using Google Cardboard moved the tank’s turret by turning the
phone to look in another direction. By tapping on the screen, the player could fire a
projectile into the scene.