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The Tower

Date: August 2016
Concept: A VR archery game taking place in an ancient tower.
Team (5):
Aaron Humphries (3D Artist)
Ben Luff (Designer/Programmer/Audio)
Chris Winn (Designer)
Michael MacKinnon (Producer/Programmer)
Nelson de Costa (Programmer)

Platform: Windows with HTC Vive
Engine: Unity Engine 5.4

Role: Producer and Programmer (Gameplay/Audio)

Extra Notes:
The game makes use of 3m x 3m play area with no teleportation. A tower is used so that
the player can move vertically to encounter new areas to experience. This allows for the
elimination of teleportation and forces the player to fully immerse themselves into the
room-scale element of the game.

APCO Trainer

Date: February 2016
Concept: The game presents users with a scenario and a fully explorable, 3D object. Different areas of the object can then be highlighted and interacted with (e.g. removing the back of a phone, unplugging the Ethernet from a PC tower, or ejecting the disk from a games console), with the final aim being to submit the object in an appropriate state for future testing.

Team (4):
Ben Luff (Designer)
Chris Winn (Designer/3D Modeller)
Louis Dimmock (Programmer)
Michael MacKinnon (Producer/Programmer)

Platform: Windows
Engine: Unity Engine
My Role: Producer and Programmer (Gameplay/Audio)

Cult V Cult: The Myxtery

Date: January 2016
Concept: You and your cult buddies need to work together to sate the hunger of Sassarilla the demon. Sassy has a craving for you and your friends delicious mortal bodies. Create the right concoctions as a team to keep Sassy at bay. Wait though, while you do that you need create your own secret (read not secret) potions to gain favour with Sassy and save yourself leaving your friends to be devoured.
Team (5):
Blair Gray (Designer)
Caitlin Goodale (Artist)
Glenn Patrick Cullen (Programmer)
Inka Nieminen (Artist)
Michael MacKinnon (Programmer)

Platform: Windows with PS4 Controllers
Engine: Unity Engine